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SX-600-305 (Super Ultimate Building Machine)

Super Ultimate Building Machine

The SX-600-305 (super ultimate building machine) is a kind of mobile factory system used in construction fields to make metal houses, hangars or shelters with precision and safety. It works fast, is durable and simple to operate at 40% - 60% of the cost that other methods use. The super ultimate building machine has been galvanized and pre-painted assuring longer life time and stylish appearance.

Once that is properly set up, it produces panels within minutes of arriving at the construction site. The panels that the super ultimate building machine form can be curved thanks to the on-board microprocessor. Completed panels are carried to the assembly area and seamed together in sections preparing to lift. The panel sections are lifted and fitted to each other with a patented seaming tool. Then, they are placed in a prepared foundation and finally, hangers will be placed to make possible installation of hanging lights, sprinklers, ducts etc.

The super ultimate building machine nowadays is extensively used around the world to build metal places in expeditionary operations, disaster areas or sometimes when time is an issue and the building is needed fast but well done.

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