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Wind Cap

Wind Cap

The stainless wind cap is one of the Sanxing auxiliary equipment. It is automatically driven by wind, working 24 hours a day. It has high sensitivity to wind, even the slight breeze is able to move it. It rotates mute and smoothly. The wind cap has 25 wings placed in an iron base. It is corrosion resistant with acid and alkali proof with just 4.5 kg weight.

Specifications of the Wind Cap
Up Diameter: 530 mm
Bottom Diameter: 400 mm
Height: 400 mm (330 + 95)
Middle seat thickness: 0.44, stainless steel
Blade: 0.3 mm, stainless steel
Base thickness: 0.4 mm, colored sheet
Total wings: 25
Base size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Upper material: Stainless steel
Bottom material: Iron
Net Weight: 4.25 kg

As a major wind cap manufacturer and supplier in China, we produce different size and different material wind caps as well. Sanxing group also has 17 types of arch roof forming machines to fit different requirements and they are suitable to build barns, vegetable stores, storage silos and many other places.

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