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Automatic Stacker

Automatic Stacker

The automatic stacker machine operates with a 2.2 kW motor power and pneumatic air pump. It is able to deliver, load, stack and output material automatically. It's widely used with hydraulic uncoilers and colored steel mould machines to make a complete production line. Along with its functions, it has other advantages like saving costs and reducing workers efforts.

The automatic stacker machine is composed of feed device, stacker, pneumatic device, store table and electric control system. It also reduces delivery automatically when is needed and it can move from left to right.

Specifications of the Automatic Stacker
Motor power: 2.2 kW
Pneumatic system: air pump (active air source) user equipped
Electric control system: enables the equipment to perform delivering and stacking operations automatically
Model: 6 m/12 m
Stack thickness: Maximum 300 mm
Size: 7000 mm x 4200 mm x 1600 mm (6m)

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