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Automatic Tube Bending Machine

Automatic Tube Bending Machine

Technical Specifications of Automatic Tube Bending Machine
Size: 800mm*1200mm*1000mm
Weight: about 800kg
Usage: Bend round tube, square tube to make skylights for Curving Roof Forming Machine, or as the supporter of the first arch sheet of Curving Roof Forming Machine.
Motor power: 3.0kw
Tube type:
Square tube: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm(option 3 sizes)
Round tube: Φ25.7mm, 51.4mm, 77.1mm
Control System: automatic/manual
Other dimension is also available.

Sanxing tube bending machine can be used for bending square tubes and round tubes. It is suitable for a wide range of tube bending radiuses. Our tube bending machine can run for long periods without supervision due to the fully automatic loading and unloading system incorporated. As a result, it satisfies even the most demanding applications for the automotive, furniture, healthcare, among other industries.
As a tube bending machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide Curving Roof Forming Machine MIC, Ultimate Building Machine k span roll forming machine, insulation painting machine, and so on. Due to their reliable quality and reasonable prices, they are extensively used in the construction of warehouses, workshops, hangars and so on.
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