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Engineering Support

Engineering Support

With the purchase of automatic building machine mobile factories you will be able to
start a very profitable business in steel construction or to assemble steel buildings for your own use or for other customers for unlimited applications at a very high speed and nearly half the cost with conventional methods.

The automatic building machine mobile factory is taken to the construction site and a team of 10 to 12 workers will be able to fabricate right on the site 30 to 60 cm wide arches from high quality galvanized and pre-painted steel coils at a very high speed. These arches are seamed together into a totally waterproof building with 30 meters span width and without any intermediate support. The automatic building machine mobile factory makes steels arches used either as a complete building or a roof over conventional walls. Approximately 1000 square meters building can be fabricated on-site and raised in one day.

The automatic building machine mobile factory from Sanxing is offering to clients the detailed technical service and know-how for steel engineering construction. We also offer a good after-sale service. Sanxing is able to take care of your project entirely or, we offer technicians to visit your location and for any engineering construction site, you will know all about our steel engineering machine and steel engineering processes.

As the first company that produced arch roof forming machine in China, Sanxing has more than 20 years' experience on arch roof buildings and steel structure projects. With our practical and reliable arch sheet roll forming machines, we have successfully constructed many arch sheet roof projects and steel structure projects at home and abroad.

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